"Willpower is a Muscle!! The More you use it, the stronger it gets "

Sangeeta, a recognized home scientist over three decades is a beacon of inspiration. She is the founder of “CHOOSE LIFE”, and a certified mentor with Freedom from diabetes and other organizations. And Director-HR, Spectro Analytical Labs Limited currently.
She not only fought, but reversed her multiple chronic complications due to type 2 diabetes with sheer willpower, grit, a nutritious diet and changed lifestyle. And offers to help diabetics free themselves of diabetes under her guidance and banner of “Choose-Life”. Losing weight is part of her program. She is a facilitator, a culinary expert, a nutritionist and mentors many people on their health concerns through workshops, seminars, and presentations across India. Over these glorious years, she has established a wonderful rapport and received a lot of encouraging feedback from various organizations, institutions, clients, friends and family.

Owing to her army background, she travelled across the country and received extensive exposure to India’s diversity from an early age. Her vibrant academic career found its sound footing during the years as an alumna of Tara Hall, Shimla; Loreto Convent, Delhi; Presentation Convent, Jammu and Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow.
After clearing the planning and architecture exam, and having enrolled in the college; her passion for hospitality, and churning out innovative and healthy dishes inspired her to join B.Sc. Home Science in Chandigarh, where she excelled and was awarded distinction in Biochemistry and Food & Nutrition. Subsequently, she piloted a cottage project in the 3rd year of college which is a test for the three year practical degree course. That cottage project was awarded ‘First’.
Still not satisfied, she wanted more out of life. Being a people’s person, she wanted to share her knowledge and passion and interact with like-minded people. She got her B.Ed degree from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University and became a Home Science teacher, and soon became HOD of Socially Useful Productive Work in Kendriya Vidyalayas being posted across India. She organized and mentored numerous vegetarian cooking workshops and was actively involved with Eco Clubs. During this time, she also trained in Yoga and Spirituality, while her love for flora and fauna also found its expression in paintings on recycle medium for which she received recognition and accolades.
After an enriching teaching career of almost 3 decades, she took voluntary retirement and joined Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd, in 2008, taking care of 418 employees working all over India and abroad.It was in 2015, when deteriorating health left her almost bedridden, at the mercy of a wheel chair, only able to walk with crutches and her foot in cast. Tough circumstances became her principal teacher, imparting lessons that enabled her to revive her vibrant self. Self-discovery, research through institutions and alignment with nature helped her move to a purer path and enabled to empower herself with tools, techniques and skills that fostered balance. The key to her recovery was healthy, thoroughly-researched, Vegan diet that she adopted along with a new lifestyle. Following numerous disciplines including a combination of naturopathy, homeopathy, allopathy, freedom from diabetes in just six months, she transformed herself into a deeper, integrated self after much soul searching. Her zest for life was evident when she ventured to sky dive from 12000 feet right after her recovery.
While she opted going back to the roots as her lifestyle statement, her discovery and development of varied innovative culinary options continues to uphold authentic and values even today.
She at present as a nutritionist, plant-based chef conducts cookery workshops, potlucks, fun activities for children, orients and trains chefs and teams at different levels. With her vibrancy and her aim to help heal people, she has made concrete, focused efforts to promote a health movement. She has been able to propel forward easy-to-cook, vegan, healthy, delicious cuisines on the plates of those who find it a challenge to deal with changing habits! Healthy beginnings for those having savored her catering at their doorsteps with her kitchen service have been really fruitful, enjoyable and flavorful!
Private catering on request with healthy, innovative, delicious menu combinations for different organizations, events and segments of the society has been her forte.

Another interest and love for fabrics, supported by her education in clothing and textiles, made her venture into the clothing business. She opened her own boutique with her collection of ‘Breathable, Skin-friendly Fabrics & Apparel’. Her motto is :Treat your own body with kindness.

And her vision, To touch as many lives as possible, and make a difference!